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Battery Charging in Bradenton, FL

Car Battery Charging 101

The battery in your vehicle stores electrical voltage and provides it to the starter, as needed. It helps to turn the engine over. The battery is then given more voltage by the battery charging system. The battery sends electricity and receives electricity continually over the course of its useful life. Modern automotive batteries are durable but only last a few years at best. The battery is susceptible to intense heat and fluctuating temperatures that cause it to wear out faster. When you blend intense summer heat with changing seasonal temperatures, you realize quickly that Florida’s weather is a real battery killer. If your battery charging system is in decline, SRQ Auto would like to invite you to fix the problem at our service center.


Symptoms of a Failing Battery Charging System

A problematic battery charging system will show up in electrical accessories’ performance. Although the telltale warning will show up on the dashboard as the battery warning light, several other common symptoms might emerge as well. Be on the lookout for any of these: 

  • Dimmer than normal headlights
  • Difficulty starting the engine, or failure to start it at all
  • A clicking noise when you turn the ignition
Automotive Battery Charging Service

Schedule Car Battery Service at SRQ Auto

The service starts with an expert technician who has vast experience servicing automotive electrical systems. The technician will identify the root cause by testing the battery and alternator first. Once the problem’s root cause is isolated, the technician will perform an accredited service protocol that repairs or replaces any faulty parts needed to restore the charging system to factory specifications. In some cases, this means a new battery. The ultimate goal, and what you can expect with every service, is restoring the electrical system to peak performance and maximum reliability. Schedule service today at SRQ Auto, and we’ll have one of our highly-skilled technicians get to work for you! 

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