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Your vehicle’s battery is an important electric device that provides the electricity to the starter and turns over your engine. After the engine is started, the alternator provides the electricity for your vehicle’s electrical systems. Without a strong electric charge, your vehicle won’t be able to turn on. This means that making sure that your vehicle has a strong battery is essential for reliability. Even though extremely cold or hot weather is known to be a battery killer, significant temperature fluctuations also threatened the Integrity of automotive batteries. Florida has a climate that supports an extended battery life, but there is no battery that can last forever in Florida’s hot summer. Your vehicle’s battery will eventually lose its ability to provide a strong electric charge. Now is the best time to replace your vehicle’s battery as the Florida region exits a hot summer and enters colder weather.

Common Signs of a Dying or Dead Battery

As your vehicle’s battery starts to lose the ability to do its job properly, there will be obvious signs that the electric charge has decreased in power:

  • - Slow engine cranking
  • - The battery case is disfigured, usually bloated
  • - Battery fluid is noticeably lower
  • - The check battery light is on
  • - Nothing happens when the ignition key is turned

If you have any of the above signs of a dying or dead battery, you will need to get your old battery replaced soon. Ignoring the warning signs will eventually result in your vehicle being unable to start.


Modern innovations have extended how long your vehicle’s battery will last; however, it simply won’t last forever. a good rule of thumb for how long your automotive battery will last is about four to six years. There are many factors that can influence your vehicle’s battery life like extreme heat and cold temperatures, driving in stop-and-go traffic, or parking your vehicle for prolonged periods without starting the engine. One of the easiest and most convenient ways to protect the reliability of your vehicle is with a Battery Replacement Service at SRQ Auto.

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