BMW Auto Service & Repair

BMW Auto Service & Repair

BMW Luxury Demands Luxury Auto Service & Repair

It doesn’t matter if you drive a 1M Coupe, 3 Series, or Zagato Coupe, SRQ Auto is ready to provide any level of service for your premier BMW vehicle. We know at SRQ Auto that you didn’t invest in a BMW because you wanted to get an average automobile with average driving experience. You have a BMW because you want a little luxury driving in your life. Gain peace of mind with BMW Auto Service & Repair at SRQ Auto because we designed our Service Center to take care of any maintenance, repair, or replacement service for your unique BMW. From simple maintenance to repair to replacement, no matter what your BMW needs to get the longest life possible or get back on the road, rest assured that SRQ Auto has you and your premier BMW vehicle as a top priority. All BMWs brought in for service are treated as one of our own, and the only person touching your ride will be a certified expert technician with vast experience working on BMWs just like yours.

BMW Auto Service & Repair | SRQ Autos Bradenton, FL; West Samoset

What’s included in BMW Auto Service & Repair?

That all depends on what you need; when we decided on an operational strategy for SRQ Auto, we wanted to be able to take care of our customers wanting a little more from their typical car experience. We designed our service center ready to handle all kinds of maintenance services like Brake Fluid Exchange to extensive repair. Here is a breakdown of what we offer when we say BMW Auto Service & Repair:

  • Routine Maintenance – Although there’s nothing basic about a BMW, we provide all the necessary maintenances outlined in almost every BMW. These are the things that need monitored and maintained routinely to keep your BMW running in tip-top shape including all fluids, filters, battery, windshield wipers, and brake pads.
  • Repair – Repair is correcting any signs of wear and tear up to fixing faulty components. Parts that often require repair include spark plugs, brake calipers or rotors, headlights, door handles and locks, and remote keyless entry. 
  • Replacement – The most intensive level of service, a replacement will generally remove a faulty part or system of parts and replace it with a brand new component. Replacement might include a major part like the water pump, transmission, up to total engine replacement. 

Get comprehensive auto service for your BMW at SRQ Auto


As you can see, we offer it all at SRQ Auto. It doesn’t matter to us what we can do for your BMW because we treat every vehicle like it’s our own and we are entirely ready to handle any level of service that your BMW might need. SRQ Auto is located in Bradenton between Sarasota and St. Petersburg within driving distance of West Samoset. 


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