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Engine Timing Belt Service in Bradenton, FL

Overview of the Engine Timing Belt

The Engine Timing Belt does a special task of organizing the moving parts inside the engine. The timing belt has specially designed teeth that accept power at the crankshaft and then rotate the camshaft. The camshaft then controls the opening and closing of valves at precision timing.

Timing belts are impressively durable and usually last for about 100,000 miles. However, they can stretch and cause problems before then. Replacing the engine timing belt before it breaks is always the best strategy. Failure increases the risk of secondary damages to the piston, cylinder head, and valves. You already know that these internal engine parts are quite expensive to repair.


Your Engine Timing Belt Needs to be Replaced

At SRQ Auto, we strongly encourage you to assess your vehicle for any of these warning signs, especially if your car has significant mileage or is approaching the recommended timing belt replacement interval.

  • Ticking engine noise
  • Metal shavings in the engine oil
  • Engine rattles or shakes during idle
  • Engine won’t start
  • Stalling under fuel load

Experiencing any of these is an opportunity to fix the problem before it can get worse. Schedule an Engine Timing Belt Replacement Service today at SRQ Auto, and we’ll have one of our expert technicians take care of your car quickly.

Engine Timing Belt

Should I replace the water pump as well?

Yes, in most cases we recommend changing the water pump with the engine timing belt. Both parts are reasonably difficult to access and repair, and the expenses associated with accessing the water pump are offset by the costs involved with accessing the timing belt. In short, by pairing the two, you save money on labor costs. If the water pump fails after the engine timing belt, you pay double for the labor related to accessing the parts. Changing it proactively at the same time saves you money on future replacement costs and also improves your vehicle’s reliability and performance.

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