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Rear Differential Service in Bradenton, FL

Automotive Rear Differential 101

A differential is an automotive component that allows for the outside wheels to have a slightly higher speed and cover a greater distance compared to the inner wheels when turning a corner. Since the outer wheels must rotate at a faster rate, the differential adjusts for this difference. This adjustment happens without you needing to think or act because it is automatic. The sole goal of the differential is to allow for smooth and safe turning. The rear differential is positioned on the rear axle and is a requirement for all rear-wheel drive models. When operating at peak performance, you will have a nice smooth ride inside the cabin. If a problem arises, your ride will be just the opposite and not nearly as safe. The only realistic way to correct issues with a rear differential is service from your trusted local shop, SRQ Auto!


Symptoms of a Rear Differential Failure

The rear differential is durable, but it can wear out over time, especially if subjected to rigorous towing, heavy hauling, or driving in stop-and-go traffic. If a problem exists, it will likely surface as a noise; if left unattended, the rear differential which is making noise will eventually fail, causing an immovable vehicle. The two main warning signs are:

  1. Noise  - from subtle ticking to banging, a faulty differential will generate unusual noise depending upon the part and extent of the damage.
  2. Immovable vehicle

Rear Differential


Rear Differential Noises

Additional Explanation - If the noise is like an intermittent clunking, you probably have a faulty pinion or ring gear. If the noise is more like banging, the issue is poor lubrication or broken spider gear. A rumbling sound is likely due to wheel bearings. No matter what the cause of the rear differential noise, if you hear anything strange, stop the vehicle and give us a call at SRQ Auto.

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