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The transmission system is what allows your vehicle to change gears. Modern Automotive transmission systems are very complex with several moving parts and gears. Your vehicle’s transmission also contains transmission fluid that is responsible for lubricating and cooling the internal parts of your transmission system. Although transmission fluid will generally last quite a long time, various driving factors can start to break down your transmission fluid. Since your transmission as such an important job and is absolutely essential for your vehicle to function properly, transmission fluid exchange service one of the easiest ways to protect and extend the life of your transmission system.

Signs that your Transmission Fluid needs Exchange Service

Transmission fluid has a tough job and is exposed to intense friction, heat, and pressure. Over time, your transmission fluid will start to break down and collect contaminants. When this happens, it is likely that you will experience one of the following signs both bad transmission fluid:

  • - Trouble shifting gears
  • - Vehicle has delayed movement or surges
  • - Gears have a slip during shifting
  • - Transmission has a grinding sound

If you have any of the signs that you need Transmission Fluid Exchange Service or you can’t remember ever having your transmission fluid exchanged, today is a perfect time to get that corrected. One of the best ways to protect your transmission is to have the fluid exchanged at routine maintenance intervals or even sooner if you do much heavy hauling, towing, or driving in stop-and-go traffic.


Anyone that has worked on vehicles for very long knows that transmission replacement is extremely expensive. If you have any of the warning signs that your transmission fluid is losing its integrity or breaking down, it is a great idea to schedule a transmission fluid exchange service. Every transmission fluid exchange service at SRQ Auto gives an expert automotive technician the opportunity to inspect your transmission to ensure it is functioning properly. Every transmission fluid exchange service will also ensure that all of your old transmission fluid is removed and replaced with new transmission fluid. Simply topping off transmission fluid will not do you justice because the old contaminated transmission fluid remains in your transmission system. A total exchange is recommended to restore your vehicle back to factory specifications.

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