Why buying used cars is a great investment


When it comes to buying a used car there are many things to consider such as where do I shop and where can I get financed? It is a different process when buying a used car. There are basic things to consider as well as finding research on the previous owner. Thankfully, today we have a variety of tools to guide you on the right path. At SRQ Auto we provide digital access to browse our inventory and pre-approval as you decide your next step for purchasing a car. We believe in offering the customers many options such as service specials. Saving money and quality is something we enjoy helping customers feel excited.


Best advice about Financing

When it comes to purchasing, there are only two options cash or finance. However, before you purchase anything its best to get pre-approved and set a budget. At SRQ, the pre-approval process is convenient and quick. Go online and look for the "Get Pre-Approved" tab where we can help you towards your next vehicle.  While credit unions are great for offering lower interest rates large banks (Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Chase) is also an alternative option for financing an auto loan. Lastly, online banks such as Ally banks are also becoming more popular too. SRQ offers a limited warranty and multiple finance options.


Advantages of an independent dealer

According to www.edmunds.com purchasing from a used independent dealer is an excellent place if you are not seeking a specific car. From Car Max to small independent dealers, the U.S. has over 20,000 independent dealers.

Search online or contact the better business bureau for information on its ratings.  Your chances at financing are better than traditional dealers. Small dealers also have an opportunity to be prepared with focusing attention on the sellers.


Finding what you want

After pre-approval, it's time to set your budget and move forward to purchasing your car. Once you establish the budget, you decide on a make and model.  Next, decide what financing to use to buy. It is a vehicle history report that explains what the previous owners did with the vehicle. You can through and read descriptions of earlier owners. These reports go into detail of any damage hidden in the car.


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